Thursday, March 6, 2014

Buck Brothers Woodworking Chisels

Got Chisels? Have you ever used a high quality chisel? If you are used to your typical "Stanley" home store bought chisel then you are in for a treat with Buck Brothers chisels. They are machined from the highest quality steel making for an uncompromising chisel that will last for years and be handed down from generation to generation. Get one Buck Bros. chisel, try it out and you will ee what I am talking about and you will never buy another Stanley chisel again.
The Buck Brothers Firmer 1 12" chisel is the perfect chisel to start with and get your hands dirty with Buck Bros. chisels. Firmer refers to mid-weight, all-purpose bench chisels. They can be worked by hand or with a mallet. These chisels have a 3" long high-carbon steel blade (bevel edge design) with a stout "tang" firmly embedded in a handsome hardwood handle. The 6" handle is capped with a leather washer designed to withstand mallet impact. These are a great value in "everyday" chisels.Mid-weight all purpose chisels for everyday use.

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