Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stanley Hand Tools

Stanley hand tools have come a long way since they first started many years ago and they supply a vast range of hand tools and tools for professional, industrial and consumer markets. The company has survived largely because of its ability to diversify and branch out into different markets when the need arises. Originally Stanley was largely a manufacturer of hardware and bolts and from there they branched out into the hand tool market.
The company is now a leading supplier of hand tools, woodworking tools, tool storage that covers many professions, home environments and many more. Stanley is also a leading supplier of woodworking hand tools that are of high quality and reasonably priced.
Although power tools have their place and are imperative for certain tasks, woodworking hand tools are incredibly popular for the versatility they offer and the good quality that they offer. Some of the Stanley planes are manufactured using older designs but they are so good that they are still incredibly popular today. The design and style of the Stanley planes continues to be perfected even today and they are a leading supplier of planes.
The Stanley hand plane is not the only woodworking tool that Stanley produces and there are many other varieties of hand tools such as chisels, tape measures, measuring sticks and many others. Stanley hand tools are also a leading supplier of ergonomically designed hand tools and one of the reasons their products are so successful is their commitment to designing, researching and developing new designs and thus providing good quality reasonably priced hand tools.
Stanley are also a leading supplier of tool box's which again are good quality reasonably priced and manufactured for places of work and home. There are many different types of Stanley tool box's ranging from larger tool box's to smaller ones depending on your requirements. There are tool box's designed specifically for storing work tools with separate compartments for smaller items such as bolts and screws. All Tool boxes are of a very high standard and will certainly last the test of time as well as being strong, durable and waterproof. The series 2000 tool box is just one example of a good quality tool box that is strong, durable and has a separate compartment for smaller objects, the series 2000 also has a removable tray for convenience.
If you are looking for good quality affordable hand tools, Stanley tools have a wide range that will last the test of time, are good quality and are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. stanley tools,stanley hand tools

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